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About Us

Who We Are

The Twins Plus Foundation is non making profit organization and it is abbreviated as (TPF) with the Plus stands multiple births meaning triplets, quadruplets or more, The Organization was founded by Identical Twins Joel and Noel Mwanza alongside twin and journalist Walusungu Silweya in 2018.

Our Past Projects

The last three years has been eventual for the Twins Plus Foundation, as they moved from one place to another implementing charity works through assisting orphans, widows and other vulnerable children. They have also made several donations to Hospitals and Correctional facilities, and most notably, they took time to stretch their hands to mobilize resources for Siamese Twins (Bupe and Mapalo) and conjoined twins Justine and Harrison and also some quadruplets. Recently, in 2021 the foundation donated cash amounting to K1000 to the Orphaned Mushindamo twins who lost their mother after giving birth. 
In joining the country in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the twins is currently conducting sensitization messages on social media and has made donations of facemasks, handwashing soap, various school supplies and Sugar worth K9,000 to three community schools in Chilanga and Kafue districts.
This decision was motivated by the fact that many households especially those outside the central town have had their incomes affected due to the pandemic, which has halted most operations and some jobs have been lost. This is why the Twins Plus Foundation embarked on the cause to support school going children with the necessary school supplies required. 

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